How Is The New Crown 3 Tank?

Hello hello, what’s up everyone. We are back today to give you a short post about a exciting new product called the Crown 3 tank. It’s the 3rd version of the Crown by Uwell. The first one was good, nice flavor and decent vapor. The second one was bad. The coils sucked, yep, no offense to Uwell, but they did. And now they are on version 3. I can’t imagine they wold put out another Tank with bad coils. With the amount of negative feedback they got during the last Crown tank release I think they know that anything they release pretty much has to be perfect. This new one has a slightly different look, but you can still tell its made by Uwell. It comes in 5 awesome colors, Blue, Rainbow, Black, Matte Black, & Stainless Steel. The Blue & Matte Black are gorgeous. It holds 5ml of ejuice which is enough for me. Honestly the juice capacity of these Tanks isn’t that important to me. It takes about 3-4 seconds to refill  my Tank with a Unicorn Bottle. It measures 24.5mm in diameter which is not that big compared to other Sub Ohm Tanks being released recently. The Tank is Stainless Steel and the glass tube is Quartz. To start there will be 2 coils available, a .5 ohm coils and a .25 ohm coil. Both are SUS316 Parallel Coils.  The wattage The max wattage isn’t too high, but for great flavor lower wattage’s are better, for me at least. The .25 coils can run from 80 to  90W and the .5 coils run from 70 – 80W. We have seen these Tanks listed on websites selling anywhere between $30 to $40 on the high side. If you want to pick up the Uwell Crown 3 we suggest using The Best Vape, they will have all of the colors in stock in the next few weeks and the price starts @ $30 or $31 I believe. Well we told you what we wanted to tell you. It is now up to you. I have 2 of these Tanks sitting in my mailbox waiting for me to come home, so I will try and update this after a few days of using it.